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Thursday, July 18, 2024    
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 Convert special character entities
Tool to convert special HTML/JavaScript character entities

This tool permits to easily put some symbols, or non-English text on websites, html codes or scripts.
It is also useful to find out some character's numeric or hex entity.
Just paste your text in the first box then after the conversion copy result from the second one.
: converts tags like <b> into &lt;b&gt; and symbol codes like &#174; to (&amp;#174;).
: keeps symbol codes and converts "<" and ">" tag notations to their entities.
: keeps tags and previous symbol codes.
Disable the "HTML / JavaScript" check box to convert symbols into Javascript entities like "\ufe31\&".
Check the "Decimal / Hex" check box to switch from decimal entity codes to hex (base 16) symbol codes.

Converter Tool

HTML/JavaScript Decimal/Hex
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