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   Asp resources reference link list
Select between 165 resource reference links (listed in alphabetical order), useful to find Scripts, Informations, Tutorials, Solutions and Resources for coders and developers on internet. Now featured with direct feed (where available), just click on the image link.
This list is growing every day.


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 123 AspX     123 AspX     Click to see the RSS Feed News from 123 AspX
The largest Directory of ASP.NET Resources. Featuring extensive links to ASP.NET Tutorials, Tutorials, Examples, Code, Hosting, programming, basics, script, and more. Our home page displays the hottest and latest links to industry resources.


 The 15 Seconds Free Resources Center     15 Seconds Free Resources Center     Click to see the RSS Feed News from 15 Seconds Free Resources Center
Free resource for developers working with Microsoft Internet Solutions. 15 Seconds is the biggest IIS and ASP development resource in the world.

  Power Search

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 2eNetWorX     2eNetWorX     Click to see the RSS Feed News from 2eNetWorX
Free resource and opensource ASP applications for developers, the Community of volunteer developers working on the projects together you should visit.


 411ASP.NET     411ASP.NET   
The ASP.NET Resource Directory

 4GuysFromRolla     4GuysFromRolla     Click to see the RSS Feed News from 4GuysFromRolla
4GuysFromRolla: Web Technology, Programming, Humor... All this and it counts as work!


 Active Server Corner     Active Server Corner   
A Server-side Web Technology Resource!

Quick Site Search     

 Active Server Pages Canada     Active Server Pages Canada   
Another resource of free scripts and artiicles!

 Active Server Pages Hits     Active Server Pages Hits   
Provides ASP tutorials, scripts, programming, hosting and more!

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 Advance Scripts     Advance Scripts   
Your programming directory for scripts, source code, books, examples, help and more! Now with thousands of categorized listings in a searchable index. all scripts RESOURCE All for free.

 Aiutamici     Aiutamici   
Really valid reference and help for beginners and experts about internet. In italian.

 Allscoop.com     Allscoop.com   
PHP, ASP, VBScript, Microsoft dot Net Free Software. Most of this software is built using the .Net Framework.

 askASP     askASP   
Promising new site! Check out the question archives!

 ASP Alliance     ASP Alliance     Click to see the RSS Feed News from ASP Alliance
ASPAlliance.com : ASP and ASP.NET Tutorials : Free Tutorials, Articles, Examples, Code Snippets, Lists, and more!

 ASP Center     ASP Center   
ASP, SQL e XML resources for Microsoft Windows developers, in italian

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 ASP Connections     ASP Connections   
ASP Connections Conference for the ASP Developer features sessions on ASP Performance, IIS 5.0, ASP 3.0, XML, ADO, E-Commerce, VID, COM, COM+, MTS, DHTML, load balancing, and more. Speakers include Mike Amundsen, Wayne Berry, Charles Carroll, Michael Corning, Jeff Niblack, & Ken Spencer.

 ASP Experts     ASP Experts   
Comprehensive ASP resources: tutorials, applications, components, tools and links to other ASP sites. Weekly showcase of applications, tutorials and sites.



 ASP FAQ     ASP FAQ     Click to see the RSS Feed News from ASP FAQ
Have a question about ASP? Check the ASP FAQ site. They've probably got the answer.

 ASP Forums     ASP Forums   
ASP Forums is a young site dedicated to bringing you the best in free ASP Forum software.

 ASP Free     ASP Free     Click to see the RSS Feed News from ASP Free
Your 1st source for free ASP and ASP.NET live demos, downloads and more!!!

 ASP Indir     ASP Indir   
Largest script repository in Turkey.

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 ASP Italia     ASP Italia     Click to see the RSS Feed News from ASP Italia
Italian Resource for ASP developers.

Ricerca Avanzata  

Get the latest code, tips and tricks, article highlights and expert opinion

 ASP Objects     ASP Objects   
The mission of the site is to provide you free ASP Scripts, Active Server Page Resources, ASP free components... and more.

Search ASP Objects:   

 ASP RSS     ASP RSS     Click to see the RSS Feed News from ASP RSS
The site that enables Active Server Pages developers to share their content using the RSS XML standard.

 ASP Scripts.info     ASP Scripts.info   
ASPScripts.info Directory Of ASP Applications, Reviews, Downloads and More! Ready To Run ASP Scripts Along With References And Tutorials.

  Title Description  

 ASP Sites     ASP Sites   
A great place to go to find ASP resources fast!


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 ASP Today     ASP Today     Click to see the RSS Feed News from ASP Today
ASPToday is specialized in bringing you the practical code, solutions and information you need to develop top quality websites.

 Asp Tutorial Info     Asp Tutorial Info   
Active server pages - asp tutorial for beginners with free script codes.

 ASP Web Pro     ASP Web Pro   
Active Server Pages is one of the top technologies for web site development. ASP Web Pro specializes in ASP programming. We offer free asp scripts, asp tutorials, and low cost asp applications for your web site.

 ASP101     ASP101   
Greath resource of free scripts and tutorials!

Search ASP 101:  

 ASPCode     ASPCode.it   
The italian resource on Active Server Pages ( ASP & ASP.NET ). In italian.


 ASPCode.net     ASPCode.net   
Free asp.net and asp scripts

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 Aspin.com     Aspin.com   
The ASP Resource Index. Here you will find the stuff you need to take advantage of ASP and make your website an interactive mecca.


 ASP-Index     ASP-Index   
Another ASP Resource Index.

Search ASP Index:    

 ASPit.net     ASPit.net     Click to see the RSS Feed News from ASPit.net
ASPit features high-quality ASP and ASP.net articles, tutorials and codesnippets. It also has a huge database with commonly asked questions.

 ASPWire     ASPWire   
ASPWire, the ASP Newswire, is your ultimate source of Active Server Pages news.

Search ASPWire:   

 ASPZone     ASPZone   
The website for advanced ASP developers.

 Astanda     Astanda   
Web development resources database.

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 AZ Point.net     AZ Point.net   
Multifunctional portal, plenty of resources and links. In italian


 Big Webmaster     Big Webmaster   
A directory of ASP scripts, programs, and applications used for both novice to professional ASP developers and webmasters.

Search Resources:         

Join and become a part of an international community dedicated to excellence, service and knowledge creation.

 byLuciani     byLuciani     Click to see the RSS Feed News from byLuciani
Iteresting articles and tutorials for beginners and advanced developers. In italian.

 byte My Code     byte My Code   
byteMyCode is a project designed to make the task of sharing source code easier.

 Cerca Manuali     Cerca Manuali   
Motore di ricerca manuali guide tutorial faq sull'informatica sul computer su internet in lingua italiana. In italian

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 CGI Network     CGI Network   
Huge collection of ASP, PHP, CGI Scripts, articles and tutorials.


 Claudiogarau.it     Claudiogarau.it     Click to see the RSS Feed News from Claudiogarau.it
Un sito dedicato a Linux e allo scripting server side con PHP; sono presenti tutorials su Linux, scripts PHP e MySQL, informazioni utili per i webmasters e una sezione download. In italian.

 Code Project     Code Project     Click to see the RSS Feed News from Code Project
Your place for 10,000+ free C++, C# and .NET articles, code snippets, discussions, news and the best bunch of developers on the net.

 CodeAve.com     CodeAve.com   
A neat ASP reference with some interesting features. Check out their "Script Writers"


 CodeBeach     CodeBeach     Click to see the RSS Feed News from CodeBeach
Code Beach is your ultimate guide to ASP Tutorials.


 Codefixer     Codefixer   
Codefixer is aimed primarily at the beginner to intermediate ASP developer though there are many articles, tutorials and resources for the more advanced. One of the best sites for beginners.

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 CodeHound     CodeHound   
CodeHound ASP - The ASP Developer's Search Engine!

 Codetoad.com     Codetoad   
Free html javascript java asp and dhtml code tutorials and scripts.

Search Site:   

 CoverYourASP.com     CoverYourASP.com   
A great new site. It's got some great stuff and is using JScript! A must see!

 CrazyBeaver Software     CrazyBeaver Software   
Don't miss this huge range of freeware/shareware ASP scripts and
components from a great coder.

 Designplace     Designplace   
A FREE web development resource with tutorials, scripts, articles and more.


 Dev X     Dev X     Click to see the RSS Feed News from Dev X
The know-how behind applications development.

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 DevASP.com     DevASP.com   
Lot ASP and XML Articles, Samples, Toturials, Sample Chapters and resources for Developers.

Search DevASP     What's New   What's Hot

 DevASP.net     DevASP.net   
Site for ASP.NET, VB.NET, XML and C# (C-Sharp) Developers.

Search DevASP.Net     What's New   What's Hot

 Developer Tutorials     Developer Tutorials     Click to see the RSS Feed News from Developer Tutorials
Developer Tutorials covers various programming languages such as HTML, PHP, Java, ASP, JavaScript and more. The programming tutorials are there to guide new to advanced web developers on key areas of web development. DT also feature an extensive Scripts Directory, Web Hosting Directory, Hosting articles, Developer Manuals and Web Development News and Forums.

 Developers Dex     Developers Dex   
A community for developers, plenty of articles and resources.


 Developers Fusion     Developers Fusion     Click to see the RSS Feed News from Developers Fusion
The UK developer community. They have got hundreds of pages of VB, ASP, .NET and C++ tutorials and source code.

 Developers Sites     Developers Sites   
A directory of resources for developers.


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 Development Scripts     Development Scripts   
Free Web Development Scripts for Developers

 devScripts.com     devScripts.com   
Featured collection with ton of scripts in many languages. Dont miss!

Search  Advanced Search

 Devspy     Devspy     Click to see the RSS Feed News from Devspy
DevSpy.com è un portale indipendente di Information Technology dedicato a programmatori e architetti IT che progettano e realizzano applicativi, componenti e servizi per i sistemi Microsoft Windows. In italian

 Download Free Trial     Download Free Trial   
Software directory containing many programs including asp scripts and components software.

 Dynamic Drive     Dynamic Drive     Click to see the RSS Feed News from Dynamic Drive
DHTML(dynamic html) & JavaScript code library, a comprehensive DHTML site featuring DHTML scripts, tutorials, and more.


 Elegant Scripts     Elegant Scripts   
Online directory that supports numerous categories of PHP, ASP, Perl and much more for free and commercial scripts and classifies them for webmasters.

The Entire Site   Only This Category

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 http://www.ex-designz.net/     Ex Designz   
Your definitive Web portal and community with features such as forum, private messaging, quicklist, entertainment, download and Information technology.

 ExtroWebSite.it     ExtroWebSite   
Extro website si occupa di accessibilità, usabilità, web e UI design, standard W3C, semantic web e architettura dell'informazione. In italian.

 EZ Goal     EZ Goal   
ASP Scripts , ASP Scripts directory, ASP Scripts sites, ASP Scripts search engine, ASP Scripts tutorials, asp programs.


 FAT Scripts     FAT Scripts   
Hosting web scripts in PHP, javascript, ASP, Perl, and more. High quality script directory for programmers, web developers, and webmasters.

Search for the resource you need: Search in:
Advanced Search

 FCK Editor     FCK Editor   
This HTML text editor brings to the web many of the powerful functionalities of desktop editors like MS Word. It's lightweight and doesn't require any kind of installation on the client computer.
Because it is Open Source, you may use it however you want.

 Find Tutorials     Find Tutorials   
Featuring government funded courses, e-learning, tutorials and career resources.


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 Free Code Momma     Free Code Momma   
Free Code Momma is the best Web index of free and open source software. Get free tutorials, online books, and source code.

 FreeASP.it     FreeASP.it     Click to see the RSS Feed News from FreeASP.it
Another greath Italian resource for ASP developers.

Ricerca un termine:    in:    

 FreeASPX     FreeASPX     Click to see the RSS Feed News from FreeASPX
La Community italiana per sviluppatori ASP e .NET

 FreeScripts     FreeScripts   
FreeScripts.com: Free CGI Scripts asp php javascript perl.

 Fuzzy Software     Fuzzy Software   
Comprehensive, categorised, searchable collection of links to ASP & ASP.NET resources...


 Haneng.com     Haneng.com   
A different ASP site.

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 HerongYang     HerongYang.com   
A collection of free tutorial books on latest programming technologies. All books are based on Herong's personal experience and ideal for developers learning new technologies.

 Host Pulse     Host Pulse   
Dedicated Servers - Hosting Directory - Cheap Web Hosting.

 Hot Asp Scripts     Hot Asp Scripts   
Hot asp scripts directory - Free asp script resource.

 HotScripts     HotScripts   
Wide well known script resource index.

           Advanced Search   

 HTML Source     HTML Source   
HTML tutorials and well-researched links on all aspects of web design, equally suited to beginners and advanced webmasters

 HTML.it     HTML.it     Click to see the RSS Feed News from HTML.it
Italian greath resource!!

Cerca HTML.it:   

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 I Programmatori     I Programmatori   
Portale dei programmatori - Offerte di lavoro per programmatori e sistemisti, Forum dei programmatori, Articoli e Script Free - asp, asp.net, .net framework, php, javascript, sql. In talian.

 IIS Answers     IIS Answers   
Support Central for Internet Information Server 4 and 5

 IIS Faq     IIS Faq   
Support Central for Internet Information Server frequently asked questions.

 jCay.com     jCay.com   
Collection of scripts. Languages and technologies: ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, C, C ++, CFML, CGI, Perl, XML, Flash, Java, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, Python, Remotely Hosted, Tools and Utilities.

 LASP.net     LASP.net   
Database driven Web Site, with WYSIWYG editor. Author Livio Siri.

 LBB.org     LBB.org     Click to see the RSS Feed News from LBB.org
Scripts repository in french.

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 Learnasp.com     Learnasp.com   
This is another site maintained by Charles Carroll, and its specialized in Active Server Pages programming issues. Contains links to a wide range of resources and articles.

 Livio.net     Livio.net   
Resources reference and free ASP scripts, growing each day.

 LukeOnWeb     LukeOnWeb     Click to see the RSS Feed News from LukeOnWeb
lukeonweb.net - Il giornale per Webmaster. In italian.

 Macromedia - DevNet     Macromedia - DevNet   
While much of the content is Dreamweaver MX-centric, they also have a fair amount of plain vanilla ASP.NET content as well.


Microsoft's Scripting Page
Information about languages and scripting in general.
Not perfect, but a relatively "pure-ASP" area
Lots of IIS and ASP stuff.
ASP from A to Z
A quick way to find the ASP info you're looking for.

 MorpheusWeb.it     MorpheusWeb.it     Click to see the RSS Feed News from MorpheusWeb.it
Webmaster resources: scripts, tutorial, asp, javascripts, css, php, html, java, ADO, VBScript, forms, frames, Active Server Pages, Dynamic HTML, database, gratis per webmaster e webdesigner. In italian and english.

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 Motobit     Motobit   
Some very interesting free scripts, dont miss it!!

 Mr. Webmaster     Mr. Webmaster   
Mr. WebMaster è il portale di riferimento dei Webmaster italiani!

 Need Scripts     Need Scripts   
One stop Web Development Resource providing reviews, articles and information related to ASP, ASP.net, PHP, Perl Flash, XML, C ++, HTML Tutorials, Java/JavaScripts and more.

 Olate     Olate   
Olate is the home of ASP, C++, HTML, MySQL, PHP tutorials and articles and website & phpBB/vBulletin styles.


 P2P Wrox     P2P Wrox   
Programmer to programmer community forums!

 Page Resource     Page Resource   
A Web Development Tutorial and Information Site.

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 Perfect Scripts     Perfect Scripts   
Directory containing of PHP, ASP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript, XML, Python, ColdFusion, C/C++ and remotely hosted scripts and programs.

 Planet Source Code     Planet Source Code   
Search Thousands of lines of free code at www.Planet-Source-Code.com!

    Advanced Search     Browse
ASP World Vb World   Java World C++ World 

 PowerASP     PowerASP   
This site is growing into a nice resource.

Site Search    

 Programmers Heaven     Programmers Heaven     Click to see the RSS Feed News from Programmers Heaven
Programmers' Heaven - For free C++, Visual Basic, ASP, sourcecode, programming, javascript, code, delphi, pascal and more.

    Advanced Search

 Programmer's Resource     Programmer's Resource   
This site is geared towards Activer Server Pages and Access developers.

 Ridiamocisù     Ridiamocisù   
Ridiamocisu, un sito esilarante per mantenere il giusto livello di buon umore fra uno script e l'altro.

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 Sam Spade     Sam Spade   
A MUST resource to trace IPs and DNS

 Sassi Design     Sassi Design   
Sassidesign.it - Tutorial e script Php, Asp, Html, Css, Database, Web Marketing, Motori di Ricerca ecc... In italian.

 ScriptPlazza - PHP Scripts, Clone Scripts, Tutorials and Web Resources     SciptPlazza     Click to see the RSS Feed News from SciptPlazza
A collection of scripts free and commercial, php scripts, clone scripts, web scripts, web softwares, tutorials, design resources and snippets for webmasters.

 SCRIPT ads     SCRIPT ads   
ScriptAds.com is a web-programming based script resource site. Advertise your scripts for free!

Search script:     Advanced Search 

 Script Directory.net     Script Directory.net   
Download best scripts and warez for free.

 Script Dungeon     Script Dungeon   
Directory of free ASP scripts, free PHP scripts, free Java scripts, free tools and utilites for use by web developers, network admins, and home users.

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 Script Gateway     Script Gateway   
Scripts Gateway is a web catalog that combines web development related resourses and presents them to webmasters and programmers to enhance their sites with dynamic web content scripts.


 Script Search     Script Search   
Your programming directory for free JavaScript, scripts, php, flash, source code, books, examples, help and more! Now with thousands of categorized listings in a searchable index.

 script43     Script43   
Huge collection of scripts and applications in many categories.

 Scriptaty     Scriptaty   
More than 11377 Resources Listed in 745 Categories.

  Search for
  Advanced Search

 Scripts and Codes     Scripts and Codes   
More than 5000 Tutoriallinks for HTML, PHP, JAVA, ASP, VBSCRIPT, PHOTOSHOP, ...

 Scripts Bank     Scripts Bank   
A large web directory of ASP, ASP.NET, C, C++, CGI, Perl, ColdFusion, JavaScript, PHP, Python, XML, and hosted scripts.

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 Scripts Directory     Scripts Directory     Click to see the RSS Feed News from Scripts Directory
Extensive collection of ASP, ASP.net, Perl, PHP, Action script, Java Script, Python, and other CGI scripts and resources.


 Scripts Wave     Scripts Wave   
Very large collection of scripts, almost 6000 in 545 categories, plus resources, toos and tutorials, mandatory to visit.


 Scripts.com     Scripts.com     Click to see the RSS Feed News from Scripts.com
Scripts Directory at Scripts.com is a collection of web resources aimed at internet programmers and developers. Scripts.com maintains a huge list of ready to use scripts and development tools to assist programmers to create dynamic content for their internet and intranet projects.

 Scripts20     Scripts20   
Scripts20.com - Scripts reviews, articles and information related to ASP, ASP.net, PHP, Perl Flash, XML, C ++, HTML Tutorials, Java/JavaScripts.

 ScriptWiz     ScriptWiz   
Nice collection of Free Web Scripts, PHP scripts, JavaScript, CGI, ASP scripts, and many more! Script Wiz.

 SiteScripts     SiteScripts   
SiteScripts is the web developers script portal, containing PHP scripts, ASP scripts, Javascripts and resources for web masters, web developers and programmers. SiteScripts contains a huge selection of free and commercial resources, for anyone looking to enhance their websites with powerful tools.


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 snapFiles     SnapFiles     Click to see the RSS Feed News from SnapFiles
SnapFiles - download freeware and shareware software programs, fully reviewed and rated.

 SourceForge.net     SourceForge.net     Click to see the RSS Feed News from SourceForge.net
SourceForge.net is the world's largest Open Source software development website, with the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on the Internet.


 Sport7     Sport7   
Il punto di riferimento per visitare i fondali della Riviera Ligure di ponente.

 TelePRO     TelePRO   
Applications asp, asp.net code, scripts, applications, components and more.

 The ASP Emporium     The ASP Emporium     Click to see the RSS Feed News from The ASP Emporium
Free Active Server Applications and Examples by Bill Gearhart. Also a must for the really complete Code Library.

enter a phrase to search: (advanced search)   

 The ASP Guild     The ASP Guild   
The ASP Guild is a virtual not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the use of Active Server Pages technology.

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 The V7 Network     The V7 Network   
Web Development Community. Scripts, graphics, forums and more.

 The Web Builder 101 project     The Web Builder 101 project   
Eddy Revollo built the site because he wanted to create a resource site to share with everybody all he has learned through the years as a Web developer.

 The Web Developer's Virtual Library     The Web Developer's Virtual Library   
The WDVL is part encyclopedia and part e-zine dedicated to covering all sorts of information about developing web sites... including ASP.

 The WHIR - Web Host Industry Review     The WHIR - Web Host Industry Review     Click to see the RSS Feed News from The WHIR - Web Host Industry Review
All you need to know about Web Hosting.

 Tizag.com     Tizag.com   
Tizag was designed to teach beginner web programmers how to use HTML and CSS. Now is available a complete serie of tutorials for ASP, VBscript, PHP, Javascript, Perl and more.

 TopXML     TopXML     Click to see the RSS Feed News from TopXML
TopXML, covering all uses of XML in many languages supprting XML, providing working XML sample code, XML tutorials and XML-related references, authoring tools, XML developer resources, XML discussion forums and XML blogs

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 Total ASP     Total ASP   
An ASP & ASP.NET portal featuring a lot of resources from the UK community.


 Tutorial Find     Tutorial Find   
The Web's newest tutorials.

 Tutorial Hero     Tutorial Hero   
Your daily source for ASP tutorials, tips and tricks. Tutorial Hero - one of the largest ASP tutorial collections on the web.

 Tutorialized     Tutorialized   
One of the largest tutorials collection for developers on the web

 VB Wire     VB Wire   
Visual Basic news and information source.

Search VB Wire:   

 VBDiamond.com     VBDiamond.com   
Our main goal is to provide free help and content to the Developers community, we encourage Open Source Development and Peer Assistance.

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 Visualbuider.com     Visualbuider.com   
Community for multi-skilled developers.

 W3 Code     W3 Code   
A web based resource to improve quality and speed of software development.

 W3C CSS     W3C CSS Validation Service   
W3C Cascade Style Sheet Validation Service

 W3C     W3C Markup Validation Service   
W3C's easy-to-use HTML validation service, based on an SGML parser.

 W3Schools     W3Schools   
Free HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, DOM, XSL, XSLT, RSS, ASP, ADO, PHP, SQL tutorial, reference, examples for web building.

 W54     W54   
Content Management System developed by Livio.net

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 Web Link     Web Link   
Web-Link il sito italiano per fare e costruire pagine web in modo facile e gratuito. Tutto quello che serve per costruiire la tua pagina web, insegnamenti compresi. In italian

 Web Page Tools     Web Page Tools   
Free online web tools and free code generators - cut & paste web page tools! Web site tools and code generators to help you build your web site!

 Web Scripts     Web Scripts   
Large Scripts repository

 Web Scripts Directory     Web Scripts Directory   
Web Scripts Directory - PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript, and ASP scripts and programs.


 Web Tool Ratings     Web Tool Ratings   
Customer web and hosting tool reviews and ratings

 WebCheatSheet     WebCheatSheet   
ASP, PHP, SQL, HTML, Javascript resources. Large collection of tutorials with working examples and source code.

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 Webmaster Point     Webmaster Point   
The italian reference point for webmasters. In italian.

 Webmasterschannel     Webmasterschannel   
WebmastersChannel.com is a free webmaster resources directory with quality links to PHP scripts, affiliate programs, web hosting, domain registration, scripts and programming resources, web design, tutorials, webmaster tools, search engines, webmaster directories, ecommerce and other webmaster resources.

 WebWizGuide     WebWizGuide   
A great site plenty of resources, applications and free ASP scripts, you cannot miss.

Search : 

 WEPPOS     WEPPOS     Click to see the RSS Feed News from WEPPOS
ASP programming and development, with well commented scripts, in italian.

 Windows Host List     Windows Host List   
A great index to find your Windows Host Server.

 WorldOfASP.net     World Of ASP.net   
This site is provided for listing all the ASP.NET related resources covering All ASP.NET related Scripts, Controls, Components, Hosting , Tutorials and etc.

 Top of window
 WWW Coder     WWW Coder     Click to see the RSS Feed News from WWW Coder
Tutorials and Resouces for the ASP.Net Portal Developer. We focus on ASP.Net portals like DotNetNuke. Your complete source for ASP.Net portal tutorials, articles, free code, and DotNetNuke news, and resources.


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