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  DATABASE: SQL_Date Function
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SQL_Date Function:  Prepare dates for SQL query.

SQL_Date Function prepares dates for SQL query.
It needs the DateDB Function.
Database type: MSAccess, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle
formatteddate = SQL_Date("datevalue", "databasetype")

any date value e.g. 27/10/2006

Dim a
a = SQL_Date("27/10/2006""MSAccess")
'--- returns: #2006-10-27#

a = SQL_Date("27/10/2006""MSSQL")
'--- returns: CONVERT(DATETIME, '20061027', 112)

a = SQL_Date("27/10/2006""MySQL")
'--- returns: '2006-10-27'

a = SQL_Date("27/10/2006""Oracle")
'--- returns: TO_DATE('2006-10-27', 'YYYY-MM-DD')
'--- returns: TO_DATE('2006-10-27 22:12:05', 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')
ASP Source Code:
Public Function SQL_date(ByRef adExpression, ByRef DbType)
    '--- If Expression valid date
    If IsDate(adExpression) Then
        '--- Return Date
        If LCase(DbType) = "access" Then
            SQL_date = "#" & adExpression & "#" '--- Access Database
        Elseif LCase(DbType) = "mssql" Then
               SQL_date = "CONVERT(DATETIME, '" & Replace(DataDB(adExpression), "-""") & "', 112)" '--- MSSQL Database
        Elseif LCase(DbType) = "oracle" Then
            If datepart("h", DataDB(adExpression)) <> 0 OR datepart("n", DataDB(adExpression)) <> 0 OR datepart("s", DataDB(adExpression)) <> 0 Then
                SQL_date = "TO_DATE('" & DataDB(adExpression) & "', 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')" '--- Oracle Database
                SQL_date = "TO_DATE('" & DataDB(adExpression) & "', 'YYYY-MM-DD')" '--- Oracle Database
            End if
            SQL_date = "'" & adExpression & "'" ' SQL Database
        End if
    '--- Else Expression not valid date
        '--- Return NULL
        SQL_date = "NULL"
    End If '--- IsDate(adExpression)
End Function '--- SQL_date

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   Data Conversion  (13)  - Conversion procedures convert data from one format to another.
   Database  (19)  - Procedures to access a database and work with it's contents.
   Date/Time  (17)  - Procedures to deal with date and time.
   Debugging  (1)  - Procedures to help in script debugging
   Email  (2)  - Email related functions
   File/Folder read/write  (16)  - Procedures to work with files or folders on the server.
   HTML Retrieval and Parsing  (4)  - Procedures for retrieving html and parsing it.
   Math  (7)  - Procedures that perform mathematical operations.
   Number  (16)  - Procedures useful for numbers.
   Other  (9)  - Miscellaneous procedures
   Path  (6)  - Procedures for working with absolute and virtual paths.
   String  (38)  - Functions to manipulate, alter and check strings.

   Array  (16)  -  Procedures useful for working with arrays. 

  ArrayAverage Function - Calculate the Average of Items in a Numeric Array
  bIsInArray Function - Determine if a Value/Object exists in an any kind multidimensional array.
  CombSort Function - Sorts an array alphabetically (A - Z) or numerically (low to high).
  ExchangeSort Function - Sorts an array alphabetically (A - Z) or numerically (low to high).
  HasDups Function - Indicates if an array has at least one duplicate value.
  ItemArrayPos Function - Check to see if element exists and return the position in the array.
  MaxValOfIntArray Function - Get The max value of an Int Array without sorting
  MultiArraySort Function - Sorts multidimensional arrays by column either ascending or descending.
  RandomArray Function - Randomizes an Array's content's order
  RemDups Function - RemDups removes duplicates from an array and returns a new array with no duplicates.
  RemoveItemFromArray Function - Remove an Item from an Array
  RevArray Function - Reverses the order of an array.
  SelectionSort Function - Sorts an array alphabetically (A - Z) or numerically (low to high).
  SplitMulti Function - Split function variation that accepts multiple separators
  SplitRegExp Function - Uses a regular expression to split a string into an array of elements.
  StrToArray Function - Converts a string or integer to an array of characters/bytes.

   Data Conversion  (13)  -  Conversion procedures convert data from one format to another. 

  CBit Function - Work with SQL Server BIT fields? This function converts anything to a bit value (integer 1 or 0)
  Decrypt Function - Changes an encrypted string into readable text.
  DegC Function - Converts a Fahrenheit temperature into a Celsius temperature.
  DegF Function - Converts a Celsius temperature into a Fahrenheit temperature.
  DegK Function - Converts Celcius temperatures to Kelvin.
  Encrypt Function - Encrypts a string.
  HTMLDecode Function - Decodes an HTML encoded string.
  IPAddressToNumber Function - Convert an IP address to IP number
  MetricToStandard Function - Translates a Metric measure into a US Standard measure.
  Nautical/Flight Functions - Ten functions performing nautical/Flight conversion calculations
  NumericToRoman Function - Converts numbers to roman format.
  ProperCase Function - Returns a string in proper case.
  StandardToMetric Function - Translates a US Standard measure into a Metric measure.

   Database  (19)  -  Procedures to access a database and work with it's contents. 

  CompactDB Function - Compact an MS Access database.
  DateDB Function - Prepare date to be stored into a database in ISO format.
  EscapeApos Function - EscapeApos properly escapes varchar input for sql server as well as MS Access.
  EscapeBit Function - Escapes a boolean field for sql statements (sql server).
  EscapeDate Function - Escapes a variant date for sql server.
  EscapeInt Function - Escapes a number for sql statements (sql server).
  MkDatabase Function - Creates an empty Microsoft Access Database.
  NoSQLInjection Function - Protection against an SQL Injection attempt.
  Procedures Function - Returns an array containing the names of all procedures in a database.
  RecordCount Function - Returns the record count returned by an SQL statement.
  RecordCount2 Function - Returns the record count returned from a given database Table.
  RecSet Function - Returns a two-dimensional array representing the resultant recordset of an SQL query.
  SQL_Boolean Function - Prepare booleans for SQL query.
  SQL_Currency Function - Prepare currency for SQL query.
  SQL_Date Function - Prepare dates for SQL query.
  SQL_Numeric Function - Prepare numerics for SQL.
  SQL_String Function - Prepare strings for SQL
  SqlExec Statement - Executes an sql statement that returns no records on a database.
  Tables Function - Returns an array of all table names in a database.

   Date/Time  (17)  -  Procedures to deal with date and time. 

  CheckDayLightSavings Function - Check if a passed datetime value is in Daylight Savings Time.
  ExaxtAge Function - Calculate a Person's age
  GetDaysInMonth Function - How many days in a given month
  GetFirstOfMonth Function - Returns a date variable containing the first day of the month submitted.
  GetLastOfMonth Function - Returns the last day for a given date.
  GetStandardChangeDate Function - Returns daylight saving change date (Last Sunday in October)
  GetwWorkDays Funcion - Get work days between a interval
  IsLeapYear Function - Function to determine if a given Year is a Leapyear
  Military2TwelveHour Function - Convert military time to twelve hour format.
  MilitaryTime Function - Formats a time measure into proper Military time (24 hr).
  NthPreviousWeekdayDate Function - Find the previous specified day of week before the specified date.
  NthWeekdayDate Function - Find the date of the specified day within the month.
  SecondsToTime Function - Coverts seconds to hh:mm:ss format.
  SwapDate Function - Changes an US into an Internationally formatted date (mm/dd/yy-dd/mm/yy) and vice-versa.
  TimeInRange Function - Determine if the current Time falls within a range
  TimeToSeconds Function - Converts hh:mm:ss to seconds.
  WeekNumber Function - Retrieve The Week Number For a Given Date

   Debugging  (1)  -  Procedures to help in script debugging 

  Script_Variables Procedure - Debug your script variables collection

   Email  (2)  -  Email related functions 

  AsciiCode Function - Converts email address to ASCII Character codes. Stop spam bots/spiders.
  Emailer Function - Send email using either CDOSYS, JMail, CDONTS or AspEmail components

   File/Folder read/write  (16)  -  Procedures to work with files or folders on the server. 

  DoExecute Function - Open an ASP file and execute its contents (instead of using an Include or Server.Execute()).
  FileCopy Statement - Copies a file or folder.
  FileCount Function - Count files in a given folder.
  FileCreate Statement - Creates a file.
  FileDateTime Function - Returns the time and date a file was last modified.
  FileDelete Statement - Deletes one or more files.
  FileFind Function - Checks for the existence of a file
  FileRead Function - Read a text file.
  FileRename Statement - Renames a file.
  FileSize Function - Returns a long representing the size of a file in bytes.
  FileWrite Statement - Writes to a text file.
  FolderCount Function - Count sub folders in a given folder.
  FolderCreate Statement - Creates a directory or folder.
  FolderDelete Statement - Deletes a directory or folder.
  FolderFind Function - Checks for the existence of a folder.
  LastUpdated Function - Retrieve the last updated date of a page.

   HTML Retrieval and Parsing  (4)  -  Procedures for retrieving html and parsing it. 

  GetHrefs Function - GetHrefs Function parses a string for html anchor tags and returns them.
  GetWebPage Function - Returns the html source code of a specified web address.
  HighLight Function - HighLight keywords in a string.
  ParseURL Function - Parses a portion of a URL.

   Math  (7)  -  Procedures that perform mathematical operations. 

  CalcArea Function - Calculates the area of a triangle, square, rectangle, etc...
  CalcSphereSurface Function - Calculates the surface of a sphere
  CalcSphereVolume Function - Calculates the volume of a sphere
  Ceiling Function - Ceiling returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to the given numeric expression.
  Floor Function - Floor returns the largest integer less than or equal to the given numeric expression.
  Math Functions - Various Mathematical Functions
  Pi Function - Returns the mathematical constant Pi.

   Number  (16)  -  Procedures useful for numbers. 

  AddLeadingZeros - Creates a number having a given length, by adding zeros to the front of the number until the length is met.
  BaseN2Decimal Function - Converts any base to base 10.
  CBin Function - Convert a numeric value to binary
  Decimal2BaseN Function - Converts base 10 to any base.
  Hex2Dec Function - Converts an Hexadecimal value to Decimal.
  IncrTextString Function - Increment a Text String (from ABY to ABZ to AZA etc.)
  Int32Parse Function - Replaces Int32.Parse() method from ASP.NET
  IsNaN Function - Determines whether or not a variant is numeric and convertable to a sub type of double.
  IsOdd Function - Determines if a number is odd as opposed to even.
  IsPrime Function - Checks to see if a number is a primary number.
  IsWhole Function - IsWhole determines whether or not a numeric variant is a whole number or not.
  MkRnd Function - Creates a random number of a specified length.
  NewCInt Function - A more convenient CInt.
  NumberToLetter Function - Convert any number to a string equivalent (like Excel column letters)
  NumberToString Function - Convert any number to a string
  ProperNum Function - Returns a properly formatted number: 1 > 1st, 123 > 123rd.

   Other  (9)  -  Miscellaneous procedures 

  CheckReferer Function - Validate referer URLs.
  ExpireImage Function - Show a expiry image
  IIF Function - IIF Function from Visual Basic.
  ListApplications Statement - List all Application variables
  ListSessions Statement - List all Session variables.
  NATOSpelling Procedure - Convert to the NATO international phonetic alphabet
  QueryStringBuilder Function - This function replaces or add specified variables In the existing QUERY_STRING
  RequestToVar Function - Retrieve all variables from each type of Request and assign variables to them
  W Statement - Response.Write replacer

   Path  (6)  -  Procedures for working with absolute and virtual paths. 

  GetAbsolutePath Function - Convert a relative path to an absolute path
  GetCurPageName Function - This function let you get the current page name.
  GetCurPagePath Function - This function let you get the current page path.
  GetCurPageURL Function - How to get the current page URL
  Root Function - Returns the root folder of the server.
  UnMappath Function - Returns a string representing the virtual location of an absolute path.

   String  (38)  -  Functions to manipulate, alter and check strings. 

  AddChr Function - Adds characters to a string in a specific location.
  AddZero Function - Adds leading zeroes to a specified length.
  BinaryToString Function - Converts the binary content to text.
  CountWord Function - Counts the number of words in a string.
  Format Function - Formats a number, date or time based on the user entered format type.
  FormatString Function - Formats a string upon a reference mask.
  FormatTxt Function - Formats a string with special HTML characters.
  GetAlphaRegExp Function - Get only non numerics from a given alphanumeric string.
  GetNumberRegExp Function - Get only numbers from a given alphanumeric string.
  HexToStr Function - Converts an Hexadecimal string to its value.
  InstrCount Function - Count the number of occurrences of a character sequence in a String
  IsAlpha Function - Allows only white space, letters of the alphabet, and underscore characters to pass as valid input.
  IsAlphaNumeric Function - Allows only white space, letters, numbers, and underscore characters to pass as valid input.
  IsBlank Function - Check if a variable, string, object or array is empty
  IsLike Function - Compares a string to a regular expression.
  LinkURLs Function - Transforms URL or Email to Links
  MidRev Function - Same as Mid() Function but in reverse.
  OnlyNumbers Function - Trim Non-numeric Characters Using ASCII
  RandomPassword Function - Generate a random password of defined length.
  RemChr Function - Removes unwanted characters from a string.
  RepCR Function - Replace carriage returns with HTML BR
  StrBanned Function - Ban form input containing unwanted text
  StrCensor Function - Removes disallowed words from a string.
  StrCheck Function - Checks a string for a specified length.
  StrCutOff Function - This function allows to control the length of a string.
  StrExpand Function - Expands a string by inserting spaces between characters and three spaces when it encounters a space.
  StripASPCodeRegExp Function - Strips/replaces any ASP Code that may be found in a string.
  StripHTML Function - Removes HTML code from a string.
  StripHTMLRegExp Function - Allow users to post safe HTML to your site.
  StripSpaces Function - Removes all white space from a string.
  StrRepeat Function - VBScript String() Function replacement that supports multiple characters
  StrToHex Function - Converts a string to its hex value.
  TrimCHR Function - Trim leading and trailing comma or other character or string from a string.
  TrimEx - Trims a string of all leading and trailing whitespace.
  UniqueChars Function - Return and Count Unique Characters from a String
  URLDecode Function - Decodes a urlencoded string.
  URLDecode2 Function - Decodes a urlencoded string.
  ValidationCode Function - Generate a random code of defined length.


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